Despite being a very abstract game comprised of alot of randomly generated names, dialogue, and text. The plot is pretty simple. You play as WAYNE, a cresent headed humanoid, in a bid to stop the tyrant Gibby on the moon with the help of 3 other strange humanoids. The adventure has Wayne and his accumilated party land a final assault on the ruler, and the plot continues more structured in the next game...

WAYNE-> Wayne is a pretty cool stoic guy in a leather get-up and weilds a pistol as a weapon. He has a pet cat and plays guitar in the band shown on the Moonage Lobotomy EP. Wayne comes from a odd larval species sof other Waynes demonstrated in Hylics 2...

DEDUSMULN-> A amateur archeaologist with a horn-like head encountered first on the journey. Has an affinity for paper cups. Their weapon is a dirk, and plays drums in the band. They're a kind of white mage character, for healing and armor buffs.

SOMSNOSA -> A humanoid sporting a poncho and demon skull headpiece. She has dominion over bugs and sings in the band. Her gauntlets are her weapon, making her a high attack but limited flexibility character, like a black mage or sorcerer. She seems to know Wayne and is friends with him prior to the game. Shes also maybe my favourite :D

PONGORMA -> A dread knight with a thirst for battle, sporting a sharp red helmet. His main weapon is a sword called Joyous. In the band he plays some sort of synth. He is first encuntered as a boss character!

Hylics has banger music courtesy of Lindroth and Chuck Salamone. The second game really steps it up, including the musical expansion Moonage Lobotomy.
The vibe of the music is an instrumental psychadelic guitar and synth mix that feels pretty unique, similar to a few Duster and Boards of Canada songs.

Personal favourites include Xeno Arcadia, Prevaling Westerlies, Thats a Big Stick and
Waynehouse. Hylics 2 OST is on Spotify, and the first one can be found on youtube.

MASON LINDROTH is a surrealist artist and developer. His 2015 light RPG Hylics is a fantastic abstract RPGmaker game that uses claymation as its basis for style. This fantastic game's use of dithering and animation is expanded into the sequel Hylics 2 that now uses a 3D environment and elaborated animations with a fantastic soundrack with Chuck Salamone. Lindroth also has many other smaller projects and pieces worth checking out!

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